Find out Glassdoor's 50 best jobs in America for 2020

January is the most popular month to find a new job with 22% more job applications started on Glassdoor than in a typical month, according to the job site, which just released its 50 Best Jobs in America for 2020 report. Almost half are tech roles with front-end engineer claiming the top spot this year over data scientist--which had held the position since 2016. The front-end engineer position "really strikes a great balance between the three factors we look at that we know are important for job seekers:" a very strong salary of over $100,000, over 13,000 open positions around the country, and strong job satisfaction, according to Glassdoor Senior Economic Research Analyst Amanda Stansell. The elevation of front-end engineer to Glassdoor's lead position is also "largely due to the fact that employers are really struggling to find people with these skills,'' she said, explaining that front-end engineers develop the code and test it for development of a website's interface.

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"Front-end engineers use different programming languages to build the user interface for a website,'' Stansell said. "They are helping create more user-friendly website interfaces as companies expand their online presence both on desktop and mobile devices." Front-end engineers focus on the look and feel as well as the functionality of a website, and these roles are not just available within tech companies but also in almost every industry, she added, since most companies need to have a strong online presence to succeed in the digital age. Digital scientist moved down to the number three spot, but "remains an excellent career to get into,'' Stansell said, and attributed the slight downward move to the number of open jobs. "Front-end engineer has over double the number of jobs on Glassdoor that data scientist has,'' she said. "The number of jobs for data scientist has held pretty steady from last year, so we're still seeing really high demand for that role, but demand for front-end engineer is even stronger." The top seven jobs that made Glassdoor's list for 2020 are all tech roles, she said, unlike last year. They are: ·         Front-end engineer·         Java developer·         Data scientist·         Product manager·         DevOps engineer·         Data engineer·         Software engineerOverall, 20 of the top 50 roles are tech-focused, up from 19 last year. (See full list below) Other tech roles on the top 50 jobs list include automation engineer (#46), which is new to the list. An automation engineer helps design programs and test automated machinery or processes to complete tasks, Stansell said, and can serve in a variety of industries. The position is "part of a bigger trend we're seeing as more and more companies desire to automate simple tasks and make them more efficient," she said. Another new position to the Glassdoor list is Salesforce developer. "This job is born out of a successful company and product and companies across the country...are using Salesforce and need Salesforce developers to help them organize data to better utilize it,'' Stansell said. The other tech jobs new to the list are scrum master and cloud engineer. A scrum master helps oversee the scrum and development team and is knowledgeable in Agile methodology and scrum. They also act as a buffer between the scrum team and product owner and help with conflict resolution, according to Glassdoor.

As more and more companies are moving to cloud-based products, they need a cloud engineer to integrate on-premises workloads with cloud platforms, Stansell said. Product manager (#4) has the highest median base pay for tech jobs, coming in at $117,713, according to Glassdoor.

The number one non-tech job is speech language pathologist, coming in at the #8 position, she said. All 50 jobs on the Glassdoor list have a median pay of over $50,000 and at least 1,000 available positions across the US, according to Stansell. "I think we'll continue to see a lot of surge in job activity,'' for tech positions, she predicted, especially with the large number of open jobs.For a job title to be considered, it must receive at least 100 salary reports on Glassdoor for the past year and at least 100 job satisfaction ratings shared by US-based employees between 12/11/18 and 12/10/19. The number of job openings per job title represents active job listings on Glassdoor as of 12/18/19.

20 Best Tech Jobs in America for 2020 (from the Top 50)1. Front End Engineer

2. Java Developer

3. Data Scientist

4. Product Manager

5. Devops Engineer

6. Data Engineer

7. Software Engineer

14. Salesforce Developer

18. Applications Engineer

27. Systems Engineer

29. Scrum Master

32. Software Developer

33. Cloud Engineer

34. Product Designer

38. UX Designer

39. QA Engineer

42. Sales Engineer

44. Data Analyst

46. Automation Engineer

49. Network Engineer

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