12 tech jobs with the best career opportunities

Tech jobs dominate Glassdoor's list of 25 Jobs with the Best Career Opportunities, released Wednesday.

The report analyzed millions of employee reviews on Glassdoor to identify the jobs with the best career opportunities across the US, all of which pay are in high demand and pay well above the US median base salary.

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Having the chance to advance your career is a key factor in work satisfaction, previous Glassdoor research found. These roles offer that career momentum more than others.

"Tech positions make up nearly half of the jobs with the best career opportunities, yet another reminder that these jobs are in-demand and hiring beyond Silicon Valley," Amanda Stansell, Glassdoor senior economic research analyst, told TechRepublic. "Finance, retail and health care companies need Salesforce developers and data scientists to wrangle and analyze big data."

The list ranks US-based jobs, weighing those with the highest career opportunity ratings from employees over the past year on a scale of 1 to 5, those that have at least 2,000 open positions, and those with a median base salary of $80,000.

"While these roles are in high demand, recruiting tech talent is highly competitive, and that's why we see employers paying top dollar for many tech jobs on the list," Stansell said. "These in-demand tech jobs with strong earning potential drive higher career opportunity scores that tout a positive outlook on the future of work within their area of expertise."

Here are the 12 tech jobs with the greatest opportunities for career growth, according to Glassdoor:

1. Salesforce Developer

2. Product Designer

3.  Data Scientist

4. Java Developer

5. Mobile Developer

6. Devops Engineer

7. Data Engineer

8. Scrum Master

9. Product Manager

10. Solutions Architect

11. QA Manager

12. Software Development Engineer

Outside of tech, other jobs that made the top 25 on the list include tax manager (no. 1), HR manager (no. 5), and dentist (no. 18).

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