The 5 best (and worst) cities for female entrepreneurs

Whether it be pay and benefit disparities, or just being outnumbered by men, women are often at a clear disadvantage in the enterprise, particularly in the tech realm and the C-suite. Companies have made strides in prioritizing women, however, by launching mentorship programs and promoting diversity and inclusion.

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Despite these signs of progression, the majority of women (67%) in tech still feel underestimated at work. This gender gap is even present for remote workers, indicating women in any field and any way of work are most likely at a disadvantage to their male counterparts.

These issues are even prevalent for female entrepreneurs, according to a previous Fitsmallbusiness report. To help these women succeed in the entrepreneurial world, Fitsmallbusiness released their Best and Worst Cities for Female Entrepreneurs 2019-Definitive Ranking of All 50 States, on Monday.

The report weighed factors including marketing size and buying power (20%), startup environment (20%), quality of life (20%), the availability of resources and funding (15%), safety (15%), and corporate tax rate (10%).

Here are the five best cities for female entrepreneurs, and their score from FitSmallBusiness out of 100:

And, here are the worst:

The top cities are all hubs for startups, the report said, offering more opportunity for women to join the ecosystem and flourish with a business from the ground up.

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