This LG G7 ThinQ smartphone can be yours!

Here is your chance to get your hands on an unlocked LG G7 ThinQ. Priced at US$750, the LG G7 does everything you could want with its built-in Google Assistant, dual rear cameras, wide-angle lens, and features that make it more durable thanks to it being water, dust, and drop resistant. Not only will this phone take fantastic photos with its AI camera, but its high-end audio quality and speaker will be sure to make all you audiophiles happy.

To enter this sweepstakes for your chance to win* the LG G7 ThinQ, you just have to answer this question in the comments section below: What feature of the LG G7 ThinQ will be most useful to you? For example, my comment would be: "I would take advantage of the wide-angle lens."

Remember to only leave one comment to avoid being disqualified and enter before 11:59pm PT on March 24, 2019. Be sure to update your email on your TechRepublic profile. Good luck!

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